Biz Tip – The ‘So What Rule’ For Your CV & Emails

Biz Tip – The ‘So What Rule’ For Your CV & Emails


Biz Tip – Using The ‘So What Rule’ For Your CV & Emails

I recently came across this article by Andrew Lavey with some great tips including his 3,4,5 rule for CV writing. Worth a read and implementing.

When it comes to CV’s and communications, I recommend also using my ‘so what rule’.

The ‘so what rule’.

Over the years I have seen many CV’s that have been confusing, or included information, that made me think, ‘so what’?

By that I mean, for example, a project included on a list, which makes me think, so what?

What was done as part of that project, which is relevant to the work you might do, or the skills you might need, or shows an outcome you achieved, or is useful for this organisation? I also use the ‘so what’ rule in other written communication too.

Reflecting at the end of some sentences, paragraphs, and at the end of a document, report, or email, by asking myself (or clients) what?

By focusing on ‘what is the point’ of including that specific content, and does it then achieve that goal (the ‘so what rule’).

We can better ensure that we include what decisively needs to be said and/or the outcome we want, in a clear and concise manner.

Good luck with your job applications anyone applying!

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