How To Declutter Memorable Clothing

How To Declutter Memorable Clothing


How To Declutter Memorable Clothing

Looking for ways to declutter but keep some memories?

Let’s talk about the story of how the bunny came to be…

Over the years (in fact decades), I had kept two jumpers from someone I love, but had lost.

They went from being stored out of sight, to being kept on a shelf, to being occasionally worn indoors. In part to stop them feeling like ‘clutter, and later as I wanted to make use of them.

I wore them as a way of honouring them, their clothes. It is a bit hard to explain it other than giving the clothes themselves life again, as they no longer felt like they were clothes belong to someone, they had lost their energy. I also wore them to keep that memory close with comfort and pleasure, rather than anything less helpful.

However, I was getting worried as the jumpers were getting bobbled and I was conscious they might be coming towards the end of their wearing life. This would mean throwing them out, or putting them back on a closet shelf.

Neither of which felt right.

And so instead, I decided to ask someone to make something for me.

I was going to get a cushion, but then decided that a cushion would only feel like clutter for me (I like them to match). However a cuddly toy would be displayed, and even used.

Hence the cuddly toy in the pic recently came into my world.

I have seen cuddly toys, blankets, cushions, frames, and more, made from old university t-shirts, baby clothes, sports clothing and even bits and pieces. There are plenty of inspirational ideas out there, take a look online or in places like Pinterest.

If you want to preserve something physical in your life, by reflecting on what you want, this can be a great way to choose how.

Remember this is not about adding more clutter, or creating something only to be stored away, never to be used or looked at.

And pretty please don’t do it out of guilt. Or if it would add to your guilt, ie if I do it for x then I will have to do it for y. I encourage you to process that first before committing. Get it, if you then decide to go forward, from a good (for you) or grounded place.

Some things are perhaps best let go of.

This was right for me. It may not be for others. Nor for all memory items I may have.

If that changes in the future I can think again. And in fact I am currently playing around with the idea of taking the time to make a smaller one, but this time with my own hands.

Maybe you have your own items?

Enjoy the process of choosing, and do let me know what you decide to do. If you have you done it already, I would love to see your pic.



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