Coaching or Friendship For Guidance?

Coaching or Friendship For Guidance?


Can you get the same support and development from friends and family? It is hard.

We all know that talking through an issue can help obtain clarity. Often the simple act of saying ‘it’ out loud to someone else, can be of use.

However, there are some challenges you may find from holding a ‘development’ conversation with a friend or family member. These can include:

1. Holding back

You may hold back from sharing some information. This can be for various reasons, including being worried they will be hurt, surprised, or will find your view or changes challenging.

A coaching relationship is based on trust, including confidentiality and lack of judgment.

2.  Bias

Friends or family do struggle to be impartial. Personal views, standards and experiences can impact on any response, even with the best of intentions. They may also, consciously or unconsciously, give you advice which is easier for them, rather than best for you.

Coaches are there to support you fully. They care about your journey and goals, along with what you are going through. Coaches are trained impartial listeners and observers. They also undertake regular training and reflection, so to be aware of personal triggers and unconscious bias.

3.  Solutions

In some situations, being given advice or a solution can prevent full exploration of what is important, and it may not match your needs. Have you ever been frustrated by a solution offered? Or not followed up on it?

Coaching is about reaching your own bespoke solutions, after finding greater understanding of whatever the situation is.

 4. Simply agreeing

Family and friends may not be able, or willing, to challenge your view or understanding, for any number of reasons.

As a coach our job is to challenge you, in a positive and useful way. This is often a key ingredient in changing thoughts, patterns, behaviours, understanding or becoming motivated.

Coaching as about permanent and effective change, rather than any quick fixes. See this article for Five great reasons to get a coach.

Coaching can create amazing change for individuals in their personal or business lives. The best way to know how coaching works is to try it! Apply for your complimentary session here (limited spaces available).

Simona is a professional coach, mentor, speaker and lawyer. Motivated individuals work with Simona to be be successful in their career and feel fulfilled in life. She also works with organisations to increase efficiency, profitability and wellbeing. 


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