Are Your Client Gifts Making The Right Impact?

Are Your Client Gifts Making The Right Impact?


Client Gifts – Are You Creating The Right Impact?

Are you giving your clients’ gifts, or inviting them to an experience, this December?

I am sure they will appreciate the thought and the gift.

At the same time, it is worth considering the impact on repeat clients. Will a repeat annual gift, or invite, generate less surprise and excitement? Has it become expected?

Where it has become expected. It can go on to create a negative impact, if you then choose not to invite them, or send them that annual gift.

It may therefore be worthwhile to think creatively. To find fresh ways of saying thank you. One that stays in their mind because they are delighted.

Cost is not necessarily the deciding factor.

My personal favourites have included an annual Christmas decoration. And a differently themed, funny, annual Christmas card. Which I look forward to receiving every year.

I have seen businesses produce an online advent calendar, with prizes being sponsored, or provided, by other organisations. It is promoted widely on social media.

For those that do run an annual event. It could be that it changes to make the guest lists more self-selective. One that they sign up to, even make a payment towards, and then are notified about it each year. Perhaps it is is publicised more widely. One company invites everyone to a ,choose your own Christmas Tree networking event’, which people pay to attend. It is, again, promoted widely on social media.

Or run a mix, so that each year is different. Avoiding any expectation or comparison.

Gifts, and events, used wisely, are a great way to recognise your clients, thank your suppliers, and say thank you to (and keep you in mind with) your referrers.

Additional social media sharing, by those that attend or receive those gifts, is naturally a positive brand boost as well.

What have you seen, or received, or been to, that perhaps stood out from the rest?



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