Transform Your Meetings With Ease

Transform Your Meetings With Ease

Not another meeting….I hear you cry?

Meetings continue to be a challenge for many businesses, with time lost, attendees frustrated, and outcomes not being followed up.

Doodle, to find out more about meetings, interviewed over 6500 professionals and examined 19 million meetings from 2018.

They found the cumulative yearly cost, of poorly organised meetings, to companies in the UK alone was calculated at over £45 billion, or 384,657 years.

Some of their findings might surprise you, or, maybe not.

Financial impact & value of meetings

Doodle found that professionals in the UK:
– spend on average two hours every week in ineffective or unnecessary meetings
– typically attend three meetings every week
– believe two thirds of meetings are unnecessary.
– and 40% believe it is the biggest cost to their organisation

Good & bad meetings

‘Good meetings’ were reported to include being face to face, preferably held in the morning, have clear objectives and agendas, and not too many people in the room.

‘Bad meetings’ were caused predominantly by people, specifically:
– interrupting each other
– not listening to the contributions of others
– arriving late or leaving early
– not contributing to the conversation (I would add people not feeling able to contribute to the conversation)
– taking phone calls or texting during meetings
– talking about nothing for long periods of time

What is your personal experience?

Have you experienced numerous interruptions?

Wanting to speak and struggling to find a space, or wanting to encourage others to speak? What about actions that have not been followed up? Ideas being similar or safe? Or, some matters seemingly never moving forward?

Perhaps you can also relate to meetings causing friction, irritation, frustration or stress. Many complain about the backlog of work caused by time being taken up in meetings. Even meetings that are ‘well-run’ still face many of these personal and organisational challenges.

Want to receive positive feedback about your meetings?

Unsurprisingly, I am here to say there is a way to change your meetings, and it is far easier and more enjoyable than you might imagine.

Whether you have had other meetings training before,or not, Transforming Meetings® will lift your meetings to a new standard.

Everyone has an opportunity to be heard, every time, equally, without interruption. Ideas produced are of a higher calibre. Actions are taken. Meetings add value.

The training is easy to follow, and the skills can be implemented as a whole, immediately.

Is it for you?

If you would like to focus on saving your business time and money, improving the value of your meetings, and enhance working relationships. Then this training is for you and your business.

Is it time to prioritise meeting training? With significant outcomes and past attendees commenting that it didn’t feel like training, perhaps now is the time to make it happen for your organisation.

Testimonial Example –

Ouno – As a Creative Agency, we’re all about the ideas and know how important it is for our whole team to feel confident and happy within a meeting environment so that they’re able to voice their creative thoughts and opinions without fear.

We were therefore very interested when we learnt of Simona’s Transforming Meeting Training for businesses but didn’t really know what to expect.

The day was very interesting, educational and compelling, Simona is a thorough and insightful practitioner who delivers excellent training in a relaxed but very thought-provoking fashion.

As a business we would wholeheartedly recommend her ‘Transforming Meetings’ training, which was a big eye opener to everyone within our Creative Agency.

The biggest surprise was just how visible the improvements were as the day progressed. It was quite surprising at times watching people’s behaviours change.

The skills we learned are very transferable and will be useful in aspects of day-to-day life and outside of the meeting environment.

Transforming Meetings®

Transforming Meetings® training offers impressive benefits, including:
easy to follow methods for internal meetings, including tools for one-to-ones
ideas, solutions, and decisions being well thought through and actioned
greater participation and involvement from every single person attending
diversity of thinking, lack of interruptions, high calibre ideas, and creativity
greater team trust, improved relationships, inclusivity, and increased productivity
increased confidence in organising, being part of, or running meetings
enhanced group decision making, resolution skills, peer support, and interpersonal skills.

Who is it for and what does it include?

The training itself lasts for up to one day (for 4 to 8 people) and works well for either teams, or leaders/managers that run internal meetings.

The day includes:
– four methods that combine to achieve excellent meetings
– training to enhance listening, feedback, and inclusivity skills
– tools for gathering ideas in response to a challenging situation
– how to share information in a meeting with ease, and use the skills beyond meetings
– and it includes an opportunity to run a meeting, with the new skills, focusing on a current situation that is important to the business to consider

What do you think?

To make a booking, or to find out more, please get in touch. Prefer to call? 01483 670177.

For upcoming training dates – you can take a look here.




About Simona Hamblet

Simona works with partners and law firm owners, to take back control of their time, complete projects, develop their leadership skills, enjoy more of life and work, and grow their practices with greater ease. In addition to high-end professional coaching & training. Simona has over 20 years of experience as an employment solicitor and partner in a multi-office law firm (focusing on staff development & business growth).

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