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I worked with Simona during the final months of my degree, which was a particularly challenging time for me due to family illness. Whilst determined to see my degree through in spite of my circumstances, completing work had become difficult and very stressful. Simona enabled me to get clear on the end goal, develop a healthy mindset to overcome some personal barriers that were getting in the way of my success, and shared practical tools for taking action.

Simona was honest and fair – striking a perfect balance between the tough love that I needed whilst remaining empathetic and sensitive to my personal circumstances throughout.

I went on to graduate with the First Class Honours in my degree and feel strongly that Simona’s coaching and professional support in those last few months finally got me there.

Simona’s coaching extended beyond my academic goals too, providing emotional support and a friendly ear. With a focus on my personal development and genuine best interest, Simona has since continued to support my growth through ongoing coaching and guidance to clarify my career choices and self-development.

Louise Ryan, Career Change/Solepreneur

I was looking for ways to improve communication with the large team I manage. Coaching allowed me to find out the root cause of some of the issues and look at putting into place additional training. At times it was not easy when I realised my own contribution to the situation. The gentle steering allowed me to stay on track and the outcomes I sought were achieved as a result. Before coaching I could not see how to move forward and it was good to be able to work out a route to making progress.   I found Simona was understanding, skillful with her enquiries and remained neutral, yet supportive. She encouraged reflection and was goal focused, once they were agreed. Working with my team is much better since my coaching with Simona.

Gary, Senior Manager, Vodafone

Simona’s questioning and suggestions refined what I already knew, challenged me to go beyond my superficial answers and sharpened my focus on what was really important to me. I went to Simona for help with Facebook. I came away with a business plan!

Jo McHale,  Certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication, Solepreneur

Running a law firm brings many challenges. One of the issues I face is maintaining and improving staff morale. Sometimes it is not possible to reward staff with financial incentives and so I wanted ideas about what else motivates staff.

Simona and I did a session about staff motivation. We talked about the social elements of the firm. In exploring the social elements, we talked about creating a mix, avoiding setting expectations of the same thing (as it often loses it’s novelty factor), and keeping it sustainable.

It was important to me to talk things through with someone who knows about lawyers and how to lead. Simona not only gave me some good ideas but also challenged some of my inflexible thinking.

I would highly recommend Simona.

Tracy Morgan
Partner Levins Solicitors
March 2022

I was very fortunate to have met Simona and to have had the opportunity to engage with her for executive coaching.

I have been doing the same role for many years and there were definitely a few things which needed ironing out, alongside other areas which needed time to consider and Simona offered appropriate challenge to enable me to face these.

When embarking upon executive coaching I had not considered that we may look at other aspects of my life outside of work, which I found really helpful. Simona has a friendly and confident style but at the same time not leaving obvious issues unaddressed. This was a great experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend Simona and for all other Exec’s to give Coaching a go.

Clive Stone, CEO, Oakleaf Enterprises                        

Having been in the same job for over 10 years I had become bored and wanted new challenges. Going to work didn’t fill me with the same enjoyment it had done when I started.

I was looking for a change but didn’t know what change to make.

Should I look at changing department, or changing company or even retraining and changing career.

A coaching session with Simona helped me answer a lot of questions.

Some of these questions I had already asked myself but Simona made me look at my answers in a new light, other questions made me think about things in a whole new way.

I came away from the session with a new clarity on what direction I wanted to take and how I was going to get there.

I knew what steps were needed and Simona was there to provide support and encouragement in taking those first steps.

I am now looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life. One with more challenges but also more enjoyment.

Andy L – Career Change

I was curious, and a tad cynical, about the benefits of coaching but following on from 3 months with Simona , I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the process. Simona’s insights have had a hugely positive effect on both my professional and personal life and the ‘homework’ I received during my time spent working with her has put me in good stead for the road ahead flying solo.

CJ Bowry, Founder Sal’s Shoes

I started coaching with Simona as I wanted more ‘me’ time. I found coaching helped me see lots of things from a totally new perspective, and how to deal with each issue individually rather than trying to deal with it all at once. Simona was very calm and helped me to express what I wanted to achieve.

Mrs G, Solepreneur/Parent

I cannot express enough the gratitude I have to you during the past 3 months.

I was introduced to you at a time when tragedy had struck the Charity, and I stepped up to take on a senior role, as acting CEO, sooner than I had anticipated.

Over the time we have worked together you have encouraged me to grow beyond limits I never could have expected, with the ultimate goal of becoming CEO for Catalyst. You have been quick to point out that this was all within my grasp but the reality is the reinforcement, the insight and the patience you gave me encouraged me to have belief in myself which has changed my perception of me, my colleagues and how I present myself externally.

I wholeheartedly recommend Simona and coaching as a necessity to challenge yourself in your role against the backdrop of you being at the centre of everything you do, it is an incredible journey with no limits.

Sue Murphy, CEO, Catalyst

I was recently a coaching client of Simona’s and was very impressed with her and her coaching and business mentoring services. My focus was on goal setting and clarity around my business. This has proven incredibly useful. We also explored the wider picture and personal context which has proven incredibly fulfilling.

I highly recommend Simona as a coach. Her style is very motivating and she is astute and focussed. She offers a great balance between insight and introspection and practical steps moving forward.

Thora, Business Owner

I have worked in FMCG for the last 25 years, predominantly food businesses in a sales and marketing role, latterly in General Management and Senior Commercial roles. I decided 5 years ago to cut loose and start my own business as an entrepreneur, unfortunately things did not go to plan which affected my confidence and belief in myself, this made me question what I wanted to do for the next 20 years.

Working with Simona helped me focus on a plan and set of practices that gave me my confidence back, motivated me again to establish my core values and help my mindset of never giving up. I have gained greater clarity and focus and a better regime of working practices that have enabled my business to thrive and allows me to enjoy quality family time and work life balance.

The best coaches encourage a positive mindset and ask probing questions to help individuals make the best of themselves in business and their personal lives, Simona certainly does this, she has a friendly engaging style and is very knowledgeable and supportive. I really enjoyed working with Simona and with the work we have done together I feel motivated and extremely positive about achieving my business and personal goals going forward.

The Titan brands website will be up and running by the end of 2020 and I have never been busier.

I am thoroughly enjoying helping challenger and purpose driven Food and Drink brands on their journey and can put my years of experience to good use and help brands be successful. I would highly recommend Simona to anyone looking to gain greater clarity and direction in their business and personal life.

Gavin McLean – Founder Titan Brands

I was given the opportunity to work with Simona at the end of 2016. The timing was perfect for me – the charity I had set up in 2013 was reaching a critical stage in its development and it was time for some self-reflection and preparation for the next phase.

As is often the case, I started with a very fixed idea of the areas I wanted to address but the sessions led me to different areas to consider and develop on. The outcomes therefore were different to what I had maybe expected but equally valuable. I enjoyed the opportunity to turn the lens towards me and to focus on my own development, and I found Simona to be a capable and empathic coach.

I have genuinely enjoyed the process of working with Simona and have already started to recommend her to others.

UPDATE – 12 months on :  I’m delighted to say that I joined the payroll at Stripey Stork last week. I’m incredibly proud that something I created, and love so much, has become a flexible, paid role

Nicola Dawes, Chair of Trustees at Stripey Stork

Simona is an excellent coach who has significantly helped me towards achieving my professional goals.  Her calm, supportive and thoughtful approach enabled me to reconnect with my self confidence and created clarity and most importantly action!  If you are feeling stuck or frustrated with progress, I have no hesitation in recommending that Simona can help you.

Alison Wilson, Business Owner, Anova Coaching

I cannot stress enough just how incredibly valuable your coaching has been for me as I have negotiated the first 3 months of my new and exciting role. I have really valued your time and commitment to me, your supportive and encouraging approach, but equally challenging when required! – and the insights and clarity you have given me has been more than I could have imagined when we started out.

It really has been incredibly helpful and illuminating, and I will take from our sessions a number of key insights, which I carry with me in my day-to-day work. I must admit that none was more powerful for me than your words, “Be kind to yourself”.

THANK YOU so much!

Laura Thurlow, CEO, Community Foundation, Surrey

Client testimonial

Working with Simona was intriguing, clarifying and challenging. I was able to explore my goals, my intentions, my limiting beliefs, and my inner thoughts. She knew well when to probe or explore to allow more insight to emerge. All of her intent was with my growth and learning and this enabled a strong bond of trust to develop in which I was able to explore many important things central to my growth and development – both from a personal and a professional perspective. Thank you for your insight and wisdom.

Liz, Leadership Coach & Change Facilitator

Following a recent anonymous survey these were some of my fantastic clients’ results:

And here are some of their comments:

‘Simona was incredibly adept at being able to listen to what was really behind what I was saying, to identify root issues and challenges and then to help me to address them.’

‘[An] excellent mix of getting to the crux of procrastination and then moving ahead on the practical side.’

‘The insightfulness and different approaches used to help support delivery of my goals.’

‘ [Given] me the tools that has given me certainty to succeed and drive the business forward….’

‘Having an external source to support my development and to deal with aspects of the business that would not be appropriate to share [within the business]’

I found the opportunity for coaching with Simona useful and she enabled me to gain clarity on my priorities and interests for my ongoing career.  Simona makes use of her own instincts and reactions within the coaching conversation which I found helpful for me to reflect upon.

WS – Solopreneur

I was thinking of a career change and approached Simona. Our work quickly led to me realising I wanted to start my own business. Working with Simona has been very exciting as I have been guided down a path to explore my ideas, allow me to come to my own conclusions and really hone in on what I want to achieve. This was my first experience of coaching and I would highly recommend Simona.

James, Entrepreneur

Simona has been coaching me since mid-January. It was difficult at the beginning as I was actually wanting to stay away from setting goals. Simona found a way to get round this and we set aspirations instead. This felt a lot more freeing, which is what I needed at the time.

Like many of us I’m sure, I lacked self-belief which can sometimes be crippling and I really wanted to see a way past this.

Simona has worked with me over the past four months to bring me to a point where I have self-belief; I am more confident in my decision making (and I’m not
seeking approval for my decisions as often…);

I am taking more time out, even if it’s just ten minutes with a coffee and my book, just for me. I know how I want to lead, and I know that I am already doing a good job. And I am continuing to help people when I can.

Simona has given me the time and space to think for myself and provide the answers, but she has also challenged me at times (with my permission), which I’ve needed.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Simona to anyone who has a challenge/sticky point they want to get past, as Simona will work with you and get you through it.

Hannah Holland, Head of Marketing

I met Simona recently at the Guildford Coaching Group, a coming together of like minded individuals working in Executive and Team Coaching. Simona kindly offered to bring her talent for Social Media to the group, of which I was an interested and willing listener. She demystified how I should be thinking about Websites, profiles, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like and inspired me to think deeply about the perceptions of others. A Social Media Marketing masterclass ! Hope others get the chance to work with Simona like I did.

Paul Austin, Business Owner

Training Testimonials

I can whole heartedly recommend Transforming Meetings training provided by Simona.

Not only was the training tailored for the benefit of the Charity to provide thought provoking topics for the Leadership Team, it transformed the thinking of the team.

The pandemic has created a heavy workload and the team made comments of “I was dreading taking the time out of my day” to “this has transformed my thinking and given me permission to take time out to “think” and work very differently”. Not only that, it was bonding for the team, it provided humour in a much needed time of work overload.

The simplicity of the tools effectively used and breaking into pairs to do the “thinking” was inspiring and gave the opportunity to starting “thinking” and sharing the thoughts that we often have in our mind. It was clearly recognised that this technique was not only valuable for using in meetings but was valid in giving ourselves permission to take time out of the working week to collaborate.

Implementing the training was appreciated by the Team and we appreciated Simona facilitating our training sessions.

If you want to transform, inspire and transition your team, I recommend you participate in training for Transforming Meetings.

We have now booked additional training days for the other Management Teams.

Sue Murphy
CEO, Catalyst
November 2020

As a Creative Agency, we’re all about the ideas and know how important it is for our whole team to feel confident and happy within a meeting environment so that they’re able to voice their creative thoughts and opinions without fear.

We were therefore very interested when we learnt of Simona’s Transforming Meeting Training for businesses but didn’t really know what to expect.

The day was very interesting, educational and compelling, Simona is a thorough and insightful practitioner who delivers excellent training in a relaxed but very thought-provoking fashion.

As a business we would wholeheartedly recommend her ‘Transforming Meetings’ training, which was a big eye opener to everyone within our Creative Agency.

The biggest surprise was just how visible the improvements were as the day progressed. It was quite surprising at times watching people’s behaviours change. The skills we learned are very transferable and will be useful in aspects of day-to-day life and outside of the meeting environment.

Adrian Broadway, Managing Director, Ouno Creative

Simona came to our offices to train our management team on Transforming Meetings.

She immediately made the whole team feel comfortable and as well as making the day fun and interesting, she encouraged us to go outside of our comfort zone and really explore our own thoughts and listen to those of the team.

We all came away having learnt a lot about ourselves, our team members and with great ideas to take forward into our business.  Amazing day and can’t wait for the next session!

Joanne Kerr CTA, Senior Manager, Global Tax Network UK

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Handling Difficult Conversations (Bitesize Training).

Feedback included:

  • – Informative topic and good strategies for dealing with difficult conversations
  • – Used practical examples and experiences to bring the situation to life
  • – Good  interaction with attendees and relaxed friendly style
  • – Relevant to actual working issues
  • – Used ‘real life’ examples to make the subject matter relatable
  • – Really useful – thank you!

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