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Coaching for law firm owners

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Coaching law firm owners & partners to help them fall back in love with managing their law firms again

Specialist coaching for law firm owners and managing partners to help:

  • Partners and law firm owners, action business development, staff development, and marketing projects that keep being put off
  • Develop self-sustaining, proactive, and motivated teams
  • Tackle the inner critic, procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter phenomenon
  • Generate more fees within the firm through improved use of time, delegation, and comfort in charging clients

Successful outcomes through leadership coaching includes:

A red alarm clock against a grey background reflecting time management coaching for law firm owners

Focus, Space, Productivity, Time Effective

A red telephone booth reflecting time management coaching for managing partners and law firm owners

Effective Challenging Conversations

A red roller coaster against a blue sky reflecting coaching for law firm owners, and partners, meaning better productivity and greater success

Growth Implementation, Productivity, Profit

A bob sled team dressed in red coming down the run, reflecting developing teams of solicitors by coaching partners of law firms.

Team Growth, Action, & Accountability

A ladybird on a blade of grass reflecting work life balance strengthened through coaching for managing partners and law firm owners

Balance, Beliefs, Wellbeing & Resilience

A red board with yellow post it notes reflecting new ideas following coaching for partners and law firm owners.

Strategic & Organisational Thinking

Creating change with greater ease and tackling:

Coaching Law Firm Owners & Senior Partners

  • dealing with competing demands
  • feeling more in control of diaries
  • taking action on non-fee earning work
  • sounding board, confidential discussions
  • reduced working & associated guilt
  • balance, wellbeing, taking time off
  • adapting to regulatory, technological, legal changes
  • handling complaints & challenging conversations
  • impact of the inner critic for high achievers
  • creating self-sustaining/accountable teams
  • implementing support & structure
  • positive relationships outside of work
  • effective delegation & outsourcing
  • strategic thinking time

Coaching New to Partnership or Head of Department Role:

  • dealing with instant expectations
  • strengthening internal relationships & networks
  • presentations, sales, meetings
  • social media, networking, meetings, & marketing
  • sounding board, idea generation
  • external partnerships & teams
  • managing competing demands on time
  • delegating & supervising
  • partnership direction, tactical thinking, adaptability
  • tackling doubts and fears
  • improving management & leadership skills
  • creating time for firm development work
  • work & life balance
  • feeling in control

Types of online coaching packages available:

Coaching lawyers image of a team and improved profitability

Ad Hoc

Burning Query/Thinking Time

Each session

Female managing partner reflecting coaching law firm owners

Recapture Motivation

More Time / Team Challenges / Reignite Interest

12 -16 weeks

Male law firm partner reflecting action planning following coaching for solicitors

Strategic Growth

Deep Work Thinking / Forward Planning / Regular Sounding Board

12 + months

Details of pricing can be found here

Law Firm expertise – Previous Partner

In addition to coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP, and other expertise.  Within the legal sector, I was a practising employment solicitor forSimona Hamblet Coach for Law Firm Owners, Partners, Solicitors over 20 years. As a Partner, my focus was business growth, marketing, and staff development. I have set up new departments, and a new firm, been headhunted, promoted, and undergone a career change. Finally, I have coached numerous law firm owners, partners, and solicitors and bring their experiences and learnings to our sessions.

Why coaching for managing partners and law firm owners?

Successful leaders have mentors, loyal advisors, and coaches.

Someone to help upgrade and fine-tune management, leadership, business, and personal development skills. Push them to think more fully. Challenge them, feedback on blind spots, and other areas of development. encourage and hold them to their goals.

They provide an opportunity for deep thinking, someone to bounce ideas off, be their biggest cheerleader and hold them to account.

These individuals need to people willing to have difficult conversations, hold them to their own standards, and actions, and challenge them where needed.

Coaching is a professional skill that offers one-to-one development that stands out from training and peer support.

Coaching with Simona

I help you, get to wherever you want to go, quicker and easier. Many of my clients know what to do, but need clarity as to why it is not happening. I help them with new realisations, the ‘aha’ moments, that generate change. “If we do what we have always done. We will get what we have always got.” They also benefit from extra support and accountability, during the change and in making it happen.

Whether that is wondering why you still can’t protect two hours a week to do the firm development work you keep promising. Or find yourself in circular conversations with teams. Or want to reduce the inner critic as you move forward with leading your firm.

I focus on mindset, behaviour, and strategy.  Relying on decades of personal experience, and from coaching other solicitors. Coaching sessions create internal change alongside tangible, practical actions, and results.

You can find out more about what coaching is here. Otherwise, get in touch to find out more.

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