What is coaching?


Coaching is a specialist and effective tool for greater professional and personal success.

Coaching takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be, quicker and easier.

Coaching programmes include:

  • CEO/Partner Coaching
  • Senior Management Coaching
  • Executive / Fee Earner Coaching
  • Business Owner Coaching
  • Life and Lifestyle Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is the use of a special set of professional skills, and expert knowledge, to enable individuals to move from where they are now, to where they want to be, quicker and easier.

Whether the desired outcome is a change in themselves, a change to something in their life, or to achieve personal, work, or business, goals.  Coaching and mentoring allows them to rapidly gain new ideas, insights, and put actions in place, to move forward with greater speed, clarity, and skill.

It is a bespoke conversation, that uses specialist skills of questioning, reflection, psychology, mindset, listening, and, relevant experience (be it leadership, business, career change, life challenges), to give coaching clients new perspectives, skills, motivation, and awareness. Whether it is about moving a particular goal forward, handling complex situations, changing limiting beliefs, sustaining motivation and drive, or gaining confidence to tackle blocks, or obstacles, or approaches. Coaching is all about creating change and achieving outcomes, whatever they may be.

Whilst each individual or organisational aims are different, here are some examples of typical topics where new action is taken.

CEO/Partner/Business Owner

  • strategic thinking at work
  • gaining greater control of their days and their diaries
  • new business development skills
  • conflict handling or managing challenging individuals
  • team or board challenges
  • gaining financial freedom or stepping back
  • encouraging others to become more accountable for their work
  • working through change

Senior Management/Executive

  • gaining greater confidence or skills for a particular situation or outcome
  • stepping up into a new management position
  • developing or enhancing leadership skills, including effective feedback
  • improving productivity, effective performance, and moving forward
  • working through challenging situations
  • establishing ongoing life balance

Life/Career Coaching

  • creating change in relationships, default responses to situations, or conflict
  • determining career choices, purpose, or future planning
  • developing self confidence in certain areas of life or work
  • removing confusion around where to move next, or areas of feeling stuck
  • gaining assertiveness at work or at home
  • finding ways to slow down and enjoy more from life

You can find out more about the specific life coaching programmes here or leadership programmes here or

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Quick FAQ’s

What are the different types of coaching?

The descriptor (ie leadership, executive, business, life), makes less difference than the method, and personal experience. For example. Coaching is non-advisory. Therefore, a business coach who reviews your strategy and processes, and gives you advice, is usually referred to as an advisor or consultant. Trained coaches use different skills for you reach you own solutions, and whilst they will share tips and skills, they won’t tell you want to do. You may prefer a coach who also has expertise in the area you want to work within.

What about mentoring?

Coaching, as mentioned, is non advisory, whereas mentoring or consultancy, includes guidance and advice. I work with coaching, and mentoring, depending on what is needed to reach the goal or outcome chosen.

How does it compare to training?

Coaching allows individuals to determine what strategies and techniques work, specifically for them. Unlike most training, it also allows them to try out their new approach, reflect and then gain feedback before trying again. Allowing for ongoing growth and permanent change. Training is rarely fully implemented despite good intentions, for many reasons. Or tried once, and if unsuccessful, forgotten about.

Is it counselling?

Coaching is about focusing on the future and where you want to be, whereas counselling has a greater focus on the past. Whilst our past influences our thinking and behaviours, this is used as a tool within coaching, without dwelling on that past situation. I often work with clients who are about to, or have recently had counselling, and are now focusing on moving forward.


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Coaching & Mentoring

Your Own Personal Trainer

Performance and goal coaching

 A great comparator is a personal trainer. It may even be that we  are struggling to motivate, or do exercise regularly and are now training for a specific race or sport, or have faced a recent change in our lifestyle, or even an injury. A personal trainer creates a bespoke package for our current fitness and specific goals. They then help push us to go further, and with great technique. They keep us motivated and accountable! This means we get our targeted results quicker.

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Why would a high achiever want coaching?

Many of my clients are motivated.  Whilst they may already feel reasonably accomplished in some areas of their life, they now want to do something else, enhance a skill, find more purpose, or create a better balance.  Alternatively, they want to change something that they no longer want to put up with in their life.

Many athletes, actors, high profile leaders have mindset coaches in their team.

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