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Succession planning for better law firms now

With so many challenges and calls on our time, how can we streamline and reduce irritations in our firm? Especially for succession planning. We all have competing demands on our […]Continue reading

10 Time Tips For Daily Productivity At Work

10 Time Tips For Daily Productivity At Work Are you regularly working long hours? Feeling overwhelmed? Never enough time? If you have a reasonable(ish) workload, but, find that your productivity […]Continue reading

Can we change the way we respond?

Can we change the way we respond? Are we response-able? Do you find the your knee-jerk responses are getting in the way of how you want to be? Here is […]Continue reading

Letting others interrupt our plans for growth

Why do we let others interrupt our plans for personal or firm growth? Have you ever wanted to make a change for yourself or your firm, but kept searching online, […]Continue reading

Better Weeks For Law Firm Owners & Partners

Better weeks for law firm owners, sole practitioners & partners Are you busy but unproductive? Is your firm as profitable as you want? Did you set up your firm, in […]Continue reading

Time Challenge To Take Control

Are you ready to understand your time challenges and take control? Want to get to grips with your time? Be more productive? Live a more balanced life?   With many […]Continue reading

How time blocking and batching helps brain power

Why does time blocking and batching help with brain power, and save us time in unexpected ways? Fee-earners, and law firm owners, can understandably be resistant to the idea of time […]Continue reading

How Lululemon (a brand) Can Guide Our Client Service

Want to add more to your client experience? (And what has that to do with wanting to be like a yoga/fitness clothing store?) Like you, at some point in your life, I was […]Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for Productive Fee Earners

Trying to be productive, when balancing client work with everything else (such as going home at a sensible hour), can be a real challenge for fee-earners! Here are 10 Tips […]Continue reading

Five great reasons to get a coach

Have you wanted to achieve a goal, to stop putting up with something in your life, or to stop worrying about another year passing and looking back with regrets? If so, […]Continue reading

Continuing Competence, Coaching & Solicitors

Coaching For Solicitors and Law Firms  – Continuing Competence Continuing competence The legal profession has for some time been moving away from pure legal knowledge training and looking at wider […]Continue reading

Perfectionist Coaching Case Study

Perfectionist  Coaching Case Study When we cannot spot why a skill is not being changed. A ‘perfectionist’ case study.   I worked with a senior manager who was receiving negative […]Continue reading

Self-Sabotage vs Procrastination

Self-Sabotage vs Procrastination Following on from the last article on procrastination. A question came up on the distinction between procrastination and self-sabotage. Take a look below as to how self-sabotage […]Continue reading

What Is Procrastination and How Do We Tackle It?

Procrastination is not laziness.  So, what is procrastination and how do we tackle it? Every week, this is the week I will get it done! Then procrastination happens. When we […]Continue reading

Stress & Wellbeing for Lawyers Declining

Stress & Wellbeing for Lawyers is on the decline which probably comes as no surprise to most. The latest statistics from The Law Society show: 1. an increase of 30% […]Continue reading

3 Quick Tips For Better Billing For Law Firms

Three Tips for Better Billing Looking to improve your firm’s time recording & billing? Here are 3 quick steps to make a change: 1. Tech Challenge – Everyone learns at […]Continue reading

Traffic Lights & Successful Thinking

Traffic Lights & Successful Thinking Do you find yourself saying yes to something you wish you hadn’t? Doing something that wasn’t helpful?  Or perhaps find yourself in the company of […]Continue reading

Changing your own working hours? Look to the future.

Changing your own working hours? Consider this. When trying to create a change, such as to the hours we work, we often try to do it instantly, when it seems […]Continue reading

Goals that keep getting stuck & how to complete them

Are your goals/tasks stuck, stopped, or on repeat with stopping and starting? Do you have a goal you aren’t getting very far with? When coaching (clients, or self-coaching) to reach […]Continue reading

Are you genuinely annoyed?

Are you genuinely annoyed? Yes of course I am!⁣ ⁣ Truly? ⁣ ⁣ It has been interesting to note, how I have developed a habit of being irritated/annoyed, about certain […]Continue reading

A new idea does not make it urgent!

Is your new urgent, genuinely urgent (& important)? Should it be everyone else’s new urgent? A new marketing initiative or you’ve finally got around to dealing with the ‘appraisals’ process. […]Continue reading

Gin &Profit for Partners & their Law Firms

Gin &Profit for Partners & their Law Firms! Want to know how to increase your firm’s profits by focusing on external referrals, cross-selling, and price hygiene in a different way?  If […]Continue reading

The Art Of Delegation – Top Tips to Make It Work

The Art of Delegation At our recent Leadership Breakfast, we had our guest speakers Rebecca Newenham business owner of the franchise ‘Get Ahead’, and Joanne McGowan, also from ‘Get Ahead’ […]Continue reading

Eat that frog & other ways to get stuff done!

Eat That Frog!  Do you have a task, with a longer deadline (as opposed to one without any set deadlines), that you just don’t want to do? Last year I […]Continue reading

Time to stop procrastinating?

Procrastination can get in our way. Indeed, a lot of the work I do helps business owners, firm owners, and partners, complete the business development tasks they keep meaning to […]Continue reading

Top Tips To Keep Your Marketing In-House

Marketing 101 – What to Keep In-House (and do it well) and What to Outsource Want to know what marketing to keep in-house, or what to outsource? What you can use […]Continue reading

3 Reasons Solicitors Won’t Cross Sell

3 Reasons Solicitors Won’t Cross Sell We know that cross-selling is an easier, and far more cost effective way, to generate work than cold selling. The firm has taken time […]Continue reading

What are the differences between resilience, adaptation, and antifragility – Does it matter?

What are the differences between resilience, adaptation, and antifragility, and why does it matter? At a recent EMCC workshop, Ruth Simpson, a fellow executive coach, and researcher in resilience and […]Continue reading

18 Ways To Lead In A Digital First Workplace

18 Top Tips – How can we lead, and thrive, in a remote, digital first, environment? Whilst businesses have made significant changes over the last six months. Questions remain. Is […]Continue reading

Do People Walk On Eggshells Around You?

Is this you? What might it look like? 1. A person known for being grumpy, authoritarian, or difficult. With previous comments, or even complaints. Often getting away with it as […]Continue reading

Transform Your Meetings With Ease

Not another meeting….I hear you cry? Meetings continue to be a challenge for many businesses, with time lost, attendees frustrated, and outcomes not being followed up. Doodle, to find out […]Continue reading

Why ‘Why’ Is The Least Helpful Interrogative Question

Why ‘why’ is the least helpful interrogative question. I was reminded yesterday of the potential negative impact that the ‘why’ question can have. Someone asked me ‘why did you choose […]Continue reading

Biz Tip – Online – Networking Meetings

BizTip – Networking – Online Meetings How can you improve your ongoing business reach, through just one tip, for online networking meetings? When joining online networking meetings, and having being […]Continue reading

Absorbing Criticism & Feedback

How do we best balance who we get feedback from? Do not absorb criticism from those you would not seek advice. ⁣ ⁣Yet…⁣ ⁣Remember to seek, or listen to, feedback […]Continue reading

Simona Hamblet & Guests – Interviews July 2020

Did you miss any of the July interviews?⁣⁣⁣ You can catch up with them below: ⁣⁣⁣ Thanks again to: LinkedIn For Success!: In conversation with LinkedIn Expert, Rachel Tombs, from […]Continue reading

Simona Hamblet & Guests – Interviews June 2020

Did you miss any of the June interviews?⁣⁣⁣ You can catch up with them below: ⁣⁣⁣ Thanks again to: Sound Meditation & Healing – Why bother? What is it?: What […]Continue reading

Simona Hamblet & Guests – Interviews May 2020

Did you miss any of the May interviews?⁣⁣⁣ We were talking about Releasing Food Obsession, Being More Of You, & Busting Meditation Myths.⁣⁣⁣ You can catch up with them below: […]Continue reading

BizTip – 3 Tips For Zoom Audiences

BizTip – 3 Tips For Zoom Audiences   Zoom is brilliant in many ways, and I have been using it with clients for around four years now.   With even […]Continue reading

5 Easy Habits That Take Less Than A Minute (& Make A Big Difference)

5 Easy Habits That Take Less Than A Minute (& Make A Big Difference) Here are five simple habits that make a big difference. (You may also enjoy reading the […]Continue reading

Living, playing, working from home. What is your next step?

Is it time to start planning? Have you been in a holding pattern? Like many, I was waiting to see what the announcement on Sunday would bring. And with that, […]Continue reading

Biz Tip – Taking A Break

Are you feeling guilty about taking a break this Easter Weekend? I wanted to share a few thoughts on working, and guilt, as we come up to the long weekend. […]Continue reading

What Does Your Video Backdrop Say About Your Personal Brand?

Personal and Business Branding – What Does Your Backdrop Say About You? With most home-working & video conferencing, it can be key to consider your backdrop. Whether engaging with clients, […]Continue reading

Biz Tips – One Sticker One Focus

One Sticker One Focus & Three Simple Tips For Your To-Do Lists Have you used the Hunter or Kanban method in your business or personal life? If not, here is […]Continue reading

When Swear Boxes Go Wrong – If Not This Comment Which Comment?

Humour, Flippant, Slightly Off, Inappropriate Comments, Offensive Statements If not this comment which comment? Having recently been asked about some posts on social media (not mine I might add) which […]Continue reading

Biz Tips – Leadership Skills : How Do We Acquire Them?

Leadership Skills : How Do We Acquire Them? Are we taught leadership skills, or are we expected to acquire them from thin air? We are trained in our professional skills. […]Continue reading

Doing Nothing – Does It Make You Feel Uncomfortable?

Doing nothing or having fun – Do you ever feel bad about it? Do you feel guilty if you think about doing nothing? Do you worry about being thought of […]Continue reading

Biz & Life Tip – Appreciation & Recognition : Are You Comfortable?

Appreciation & Recognition : Are You Comfortable? If we mostly give our pets, our children, our attention when they misbehave. What are they likely to do to get connection and […]Continue reading

11 Tips for The Everyday Art Of Successful Negotiation

Negotiation Skills – 11 Top Tips and Takeaways At a recent talk, Derek Arden, negotiation specialist and author, shared his top tips for successful negotiations, in all areas of our […]Continue reading

Biz Tip – The ‘So What Rule’ For Your CV & Emails

Biz Tip – Using The ‘So What Rule’ For Your CV & Emails I recently came across this article by Andrew Lavey with some great tips including his 3,4,5 rule […]Continue reading

Biz Tip : How To Better Reflect And Respond To ‘That’ Email!

Biz Tip : How to better reflect, and respond, to ‘that’ email! Three tips to help you better reflect. We often hear the advice to wait at least 24 hours […]Continue reading

Making December Count – What Are Your Goals?

Making December Count For Your Goals Do you sometimes find that the New Year comes around, and some goals or changes you wanted, still need to happen? What if this […]Continue reading

Networking – What Helps or Hinders?

Networking :  3 Things That Can Help & 3 Things That May Hinder (If you prefer video content you can find the YouTube video for this here.) The topic of […]Continue reading

The Power Of Pricing For Business Success

The Power Of Pricing A fantastic evening talking about the impact and power of pricing. Mark Peacock (aka the Pricing Coach), shared a wealth of practical, and valuable information, at […]Continue reading

Creating Space – Five Needed Gaps In Your Diary

Creating Space – How do we stop ourselves from becoming overwhelmed and exhausted through our diaries? The need for space. A little while ago I hit a Friday and knew […]Continue reading

Turning Compliance Into Marketing Magic

Today at the Talks & Tipples Leadership Breakfast, we had Victoria Simpson, from Apply Compliance and Anne Renshaw, from Flamme Rouge Consulting, sharing their combined wealth of expertise with us. […]Continue reading

Changing jobs or new careers – What are our biggest fears?

Changing jobs, promotions, or finding a new career – What truly holds us back? Despite many people wanting to change direction, or wanting to get ahead. Sometimes people get stuck. […]Continue reading

Checklists for Meetings – PDF Download

Meeting Guidelines, Tips, & Checklists £45,494,580,370 is lost, in UK meetings, every year. Download your free MEETING CHECKLIST here. Did you know? To understand more about meetings, Doodle recently examined 19 […]Continue reading

Is a work-life balance, inspiring you, or causing stress?

Ditching the work-life balance Is a focus on creating a work-life balance, inspiring you, or causing you to feel stressed? If thinking about work-life balance is causing you stress, then […]Continue reading

10 Top Tips for To-Do Lists

10 Top Tips for your To-Do Lists (Try saying that ten times quickly) Are your To-Do lists out of control? Do you still think about your to-do’s, even after setting them […]Continue reading

12 Signs of Self-Sabotage

Self-Sabotage – Are you doing it? What is self-sabotage?   If, you get close to your goals, or even achieve them, and then undo them.   Or, perhaps, you suddenly […]Continue reading

Holding Back – Why We Sabotage Our Goals

Holding Back & Why We Do It Why do we hold back? Essentially, much of it boils down to fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of failure. Now […]Continue reading

Creating Space – How To Slow Things Down

Slowing down our days and making the most out of them One question often asked is how to slow down, how to counteract the busy-ness, and time passing by too […]Continue reading

Banning the Banter – Political Correctness Gone Mad?

Banning the Banter – Do we need to reassess or have the ‘fun police’ gone too far? For many, when we hear about banter being inappropriate at work, we might […]Continue reading

Sound and Voice Forensics – 8 Things We Need to Know

The Art of Communication: Are we using our voice enough? The importance of voice is often overlooked. By placing our focus on the words and the body language we use, we […]Continue reading

Time Tip – Working Late Again?

Working late again? Whilst it may be cultural expectations causing this. Or genuine workload related at this time, or ongoin unrealistic work expectations placed upon you, or time and prioritisation […]Continue reading

Radical Candor for Leaders & Effective Feedback

Radical Candor for Leaders for Effective Feedback Every month I host a Leadership Breakfast (Talks & Tipples), where we run interactive and practical talks on a series of leadership and […]Continue reading

Creating Change – Does saying ‘I am’ hold you back?

Do words such as ‘I am…’ matter? Creating a change, in ourselves, can sometimes be tricky, and the language we use has an impact. It can help, or it can […]Continue reading

Time Tip – Save Time Create Precedents

Saving time with communication precedents How many times do you find yourself saying the same thing over and over, or sending the same email? For example, to new enquiries, at […]Continue reading

Perfectionism Talk – Top Takeaways

Top takeaways from a recent talk on Perfectionism Having witnessed perfectionism in others, explored where it might impact me, and coached individuals dealing with the real challenges of Perfectionism. This […]Continue reading

Recruitment : Where It Can Go Wrong, And How To Make It Right

Talks & Tipples – Leadership Breakfast – Marketing Made Simple. A big thank you to Lesley Leather of Tailored Recruitment for sharing her insights and professional knowledge on how to make recruitment […]Continue reading

Coach Yourself – Career Coaching Tips

Career Coaching – Coach Yourself One challenge, when working through what we want to do with our careers, is we can often rule out interesting possibilities too early in the exploration […]Continue reading

Easter Blues – Do I Need To Change My Job?

Do I need to change my job? How have you been feeling about going back to work after the Easter break? Even those that usually enjoy their work can find […]Continue reading

The Joy (Or Reality) Of Becoming A Coach

Taken from a tongue-in-cheek social media post I recently shared, that was met with some amusement.. A letter to all the coaches out there… The things we say and do. […]Continue reading

Marketing Plans Made Simple

Talks & Tipples – Leadership Breakfast – Marketing Made Simple. A big thank you to Frances Cassell of Octopus Marketing for sharing her insights and professional knowledge on how to […]Continue reading

What Do We Mean By ‘It Did Me No Harm’

What is meant by ‘well, it did me no harm’. Often, in the media or in the workplace, certain behaviours or experiences are shared. The more generic ones include bullying, harassment, or […]Continue reading

Losing Time To Emails? Three Ways To Make A Change

Emails & Time One area that comes up, in almost every coaching programme, is time. How to make the most of it, how to take control and slow it down, […]Continue reading

Projecting – Do We Know When We Do It?

Projecting – what is it about? I was sat in a hospital waiting room, when a gentleman politely asked a grandmother, and mother, to turn down (not off) an extremely […]Continue reading

Do You Notice Frustration When People Their Share Concerns With You?

Do you notice people get frustrated when sharing their worries with you? Try making this one change and see what difference it makes. Do you want to improve your relationships? […]Continue reading

Decluttering – Three Tips To Make It Happen

Are you ready to get rid of clutter once and for all? Do you want to know what difference it will make, and how to make it easier for you? Yes? […]Continue reading

Eight Signs Of Perfectionism – Five Ways To Make A Change

Perfectionism and Tasks – Are you a perfectionist? What is perfectionism? Are you constantly tweaking, is it never quite good enough, never quite finished? Perhaps you often find yourself angry […]Continue reading

Five Ways To Turn Your Goals Into Success

Goal setting : Five reasons why personal and business goals can fall down, and how to make yours the exception.  Are you setting goals, but find something is missing and then […]Continue reading

Circular Economy & Culture – How Can Your Business Stand Out?

Want to generate some thinking around a circular economy in your business? Take a look at my recent Live on the topic. You can join me on: Facebook here or […]Continue reading

Ten Tips To Bring Your Goals To Life

Bringing your goals to life : Find your inner motivation and reach your amazing goal! With it being the New Year, I kept thinking before (and during) the Christmas period […]Continue reading

Are Your Client Gifts Making The Right Impact?

Client Gifts – Are You Creating The Right Impact? Are you giving your clients’ gifts, or inviting them to an experience, this December? I am sure they will appreciate the […]Continue reading

Handling Difficult Conversations With Ease

Thank you to everyone for coming along to the Talks & Tipples Leadership Breakfast and getting so involved! f you would like to come to future Leadership Breakfasts with a […]Continue reading

Positive Mental Health in the Workplace for Boards and Line Managers

Positive Mental Health in the Workplace Over the last few years, indeed over the last twelve months, we have seen a greater willingness to discuss mental health, and an increased […]Continue reading

Taking A Break – How Easy Is It For You?

Taking a break – How easy is it for you? It may be that, like me, you actually don’t find it easy to take a break. When I was a […]Continue reading

Feedback – Should People Receive It Well?

Feedback – Should people receive it well? My view is that there is no reason for this expectation. If it was that easy most people would readily receive feedback for […]Continue reading

Understanding – Are You Listening To Me?

Listening and understanding: How to make a change. There are many detailed articles on how to listen, and communicate, more effectively. Here, I simply want to draw your attention to one […]Continue reading

Client Avatar – Marketing Made Easy

So who is your ideal client? Do you even need a client avatar? We all know that successful businesses, and individuals, are those known for their niche. The specialist is […]Continue reading

Leadership & Management – Is There A Difference?

Is Leadership and Management the same thing? Over the years there has been growing acceptance of a distinction between leadership and management. Whilst typical traits associated with one or the other […]Continue reading

Perfectionism. Not As You Know It.

Have you ever discounted being a perfectionist? Aside from working with perfectionists, I have often read articles on perfectionism, and felt it didn’t apply to me. The articles (or individuals), discuss […]Continue reading

Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

How important do you think mental health wellbeing is in your workplace? Well given the large number of attendees at a recent forum, it seems very! I had an amazing […]Continue reading

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