Tackling Imposter Syndrome To Thrive in Your Legal Career

Tackling Imposter Syndrome To Thrive in Your Legal Career

Mastering Your Mindset: Tackling Imposter Syndrome So That You Can Thrive in Your Legal Career

With high performers comes a greater impact of perfectionism, procrastination, people pleasing, and imposter phenomenon.

As we progress with our legal careers, these habits can become more pervasive and disruptive.

Perfectionism, for example, can show up as:

1 – Reviewing work, articles, or emails, far in excess of what is needed for that content
2 – Being excessively concerned with making a mistake or how we are perceived

These can both lead to working long hours, procrastination, ruminating on things said or done, being highly critical of ourselves and others, and either never finishing projects or not starting them. After all, if we don’t start or finish, then they will never be measured as imperfect! Relationships at work and home can also deteriorate over time.

Imposter phenomenon, as with perfectionism, can also deter us from seeking promotion or moving to other firms. If we are promoted, these previous habits become more pronounced, given additional leadership or role expectations. Adding to existing stress or worry.

Realm Recruitment and I are teaming up once more, this time to explore imposter syndrome. Helping lawyers to tackle this issue and realise their full potential.
By the end of the session, you will have a better understanding of:

-What imposter syndrome is, where it comes from, and how it can stop us, slow us down, or make experiences more stressful.

-How it manifests in our day-to-day work and how to spot its signs.

-How you can overcome it, improve your satisfaction and performance at work and, ultimately, achieve your short-term and long-term career ambitions.

You will also have the chance to ask questions in an anonymous Q&A.
I do hope you can join us on Tuesday. Booking details are below.


⭐️ Mastering Your Mindset as a Lawyer: Tackling Imposter Syndrome So You Can Thrive in Your Career.

📆 12pm on Tuesday 20th February 2024

📍Zoom (book  your free reserved space here)



About Simona Hamblet

Simona is a specialist coach & hypnotherapist, working with lawyers for the past six years helping them to create the firms & lives that they want. Simona also has over 20 years of experience as an employment solicitor & partner in a dual-office law firm (focusing on staff development & business growth).

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