Reading Online Articles – Do You Remember You Are Human?

Reading Online Articles – Do You Remember You Are Human?


Do you love reading personal development articles such as these. (10 Unmistakable Habits of Utterly Authentic People). For some, these concepts might be shiny and new. For others, a reminder.

In the above article, it shares the importance about being true to you. Authenticity is extremely important, a great deal of unhappiness stems from trying to be someone else.
However, what I want to discuss today, and what I want to encourage in you, is that when you read articles or books, attend seminars (whatever is your thing), please think about it in the same as any learning.  The content isn’t intended as a measuring stick to hit yourself with, i.e. for not knowing/doing it before.
Nor, is life the absolutes that the content may sometimes come across as. For example, it may be interpreted that being ‘utterly’ authentic means being this 100% of the time. Is this achievable? Here are a few other examples given of what utterly authentic people do.
Let go of negative people – Yes they genuinely do in the most, but not always. They may have chosen to leave some negative people in their world, for various reasons. In those cases they might choose to decide what they share with them, what they rely on them for, or how much time they spend with them. They focus more on setting healthy boundaries (and by the way, sometimes they don’t get it right!).
Don’t complain about their problems – They will do it far less frequently than most. It may only be brief before they try to look at it in a different way and/or let it go. However, yep sometimes they will have a grump about something that has happened, or how someone has treated them. They then reflect and move on sooner than the average person, and will be more accepting of the fact they don’t expect, of themselves, to be positive 100% of the time.
Don’t get stressed or upset when someone doesn’t like them – We all know that they have feelings, and they do, of course, still feel hurt by the actions of others from time to time.
So please, read the fab articles, do the online courses, take what you need to help you learn and feel good about your new knowledge and skills.  Just remember, you are human and the aim here was to be authentic, not perfect. Or perhaps being authentic is accepting that you are perfect as you are. You decide.
p.s Authors are human too, and the above is a good article. There are lots of reasons the content in the article was expressed in this way. Shock factor can invoke change, its approach encourages more to read it, or simply word limits were imposed. Plus we can’t cover every eventuality in an article. Be kind! The article again, which is worth a read is here.

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