3 Reasons We Secretly Love Valentine’s Day

3 Reasons We Secretly Love Valentine’s Day


Why Do We Secretly Love Valentine’s Day?

There are a zillion articles out there with all the reasons why, whether you are single or in a couple, Valentine’s Day sucks.

So here are three reasons us ladies think that Valentine’s Day is fun….

1. We love receiving flowers at work. Even if we don’t ‘believe’ in the day otherwise, it can still be romantic if done genuinely. Whilst our inner ‘independent woman’ doesn’t need it to be public, the romantic girlie in us still secretly smiles when it is.

2. For those in a relationship, we get to cuddle up a little bit closer as we are reminded that we have something special. It gives us a warm (and sometimes, ahem, other) feelings. Enjoy!

3. As single ladies we get to enjoy the fun of romance in the air. Plus, we don’t need to have that first conversation with our partner. The one where we explain how we really do mean that we don’t want to go anywhere to celebrate. It isn’t a test! Although, we might refer them to number 1.

If you still think Valentine’s Day isn’t for you, then perhaps go ahead and design your own day to give you what you need. Chocolate body paint? Sticky fun. Alone with pizza and a book? Dominoes are on it. Surrounded by supportive friends? Make it happen (especially if they like baking cookies, those are the best friends to have).

So here is to celebrating love in all areas of our life. Oh and cookies.


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