5 Easy Habits That Take Less Than A Minute (& Make A Big Difference)

5 Easy Habits That Take Less Than A Minute (& Make A Big Difference)


5 Easy Habits That Take Less Than A Minute (& Make A Big Difference)

Here are five simple habits that make a big difference. (You may also enjoy reading the final comment at the very end of the post):

1. Step away from a screen when you eat 

We know a break from screen time (laptop, tv, tablet or phone) is good for the eyes, mind, and body. Less stimulation, stress, strain, and slouching.

Moving away to eat also helps you notice what you’re eating.

Or indeed the fact you’ve eaten at all (we’ve all been there when we’re finished lunch and hadn’t even noticed).

Is there a spot or a person it would feel nice to eat with?

2. Stretch in a doorway

Pick a doorway that you often walk through, and allocate it as your stretching doorway.

Each time you pass through it, or in a particular direction, you stretch (hint..a full bladder isn’t helpful, you may want to choose the opposite direction).

It might be stretching upwards towards the top of the door frame, or outwards towards the sides, a shake, a dangling pose, or something else.

(Please keep within your physical capabilities, and if at the workplace, yes there may some limitations(!)).

Could it be useful to put something on the door frame to remind you?

3. Breathe

After every phone call, or online conversation, before you go onto the next thing.

Pause and take some deep belly breaths.

It may help to choose how many you want to take.

You might also want to try cycles of breath.

Such as breathing in, holding it (comfortably), before exhaling.

My current favourite is 4-7-8. In for four counts, hold for seven, out for eight. Four times.

Pausing for a breath does two things. The first, it calms us psychologically and physiologically.

The second, it lets us reflect, take on board, or appreciate any relevant parts of our meeting, and think a little clearer about them.

It also helps us separate from the last conversation, to then be able to focus more fully on the next task or person (especially if it brought up strong thoughts, actions, or emotions).

If you don’t make many calls, pick another task to connect breathing to.

By associating actions to tasks we already undertake, it makes them easier to remember to do.

What could prompt you to pause to breathe?

4. Unsubscribe, unfollow, unfriend

We all know that we read posts that cause us to feel bad, mad, or sad.

If it doesn’t motivate, inspire, usefully inform (either way), or make you smile, let it go.

As soon as you sense it, unsubscribe from it.

Don’t let social media, posts, or emails, take up unnecessary room in your mind. Emotions take up energy. Put it to better use. You.

What will you let go of first?

5. Surprise yourself

What habit do you want to add for one minute?

Exercising (a plank, something higher energy (again taking into account your physical capabilities and no warm up!))
Drinking water
Looking out of a window
Stepping outside
Talking to someone

You could put a selection into a jar and pull one out each time. Or use a randomiser on your phone.

Again, try to link it to an existing action, to make it easier to remember, and be prompted.

Which did you choose or add?

Bringing It All Together

The five habits again were:

1. Step away from the screen to eat
2. Stretch in a doorway
3. Breathe after discussions
4. Unfollow and unsubscribe
5. Surprise yourself

What did you choose? I would love to hear your ideas.


p.s. whilst this post is about creating habits. This is sometimes needed because we push or ignore ourselves. I would invite you to start to notice and listen to your body, when it would like a minute to pause, stretch, smile, stand, hydrate, feel the sun. Give yourself permission to listen and take that minute for you.


About Simona Hamblet

Simona is a specialist coach & hypnotherapist, working with lawyers for the past six years helping them to create the firms & lives that they want. Simona also has over 20 years of experience as an employment solicitor & partner in a dual-office law firm (focusing on staff development & business growth).

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