Marketing Plans Made Simple

Marketing Plans Made Simple


Talks & Tipples – Leadership Breakfast – Marketing Made Simple.

A big thank you to Frances Cassell of Octopus Marketing for sharing her insights and professional knowledge on how to make marketing simpler at our breakfast event this morning.

Here were the top tips we took away –

1. Stick to a six month rolling basis, to keep your plan manageable [and motivational].

2. Trying to be truly unique is challenging, so don’t let focusing on USP’s hold you back.

3. Use simple tools, like Excel to plan your activities.

4. Plan [and execute] your weekly actions.

5. Do one thing, and do it well, before adding anything else.

6. Focus on three, and no more than six, marketing activities at any one time.

7. For smaller budgets, the top three recommended marketing activities are:

  • Networking events – pick the ones that work for you.
  • LinkedIn – communicate with your connections.
  • Telesales – pick up the phone to warm leads, which includes past clients, current clients, and prospects you have already engaged with in some way.

8. Hang out (in real life or with your marketing activities) where your clients, or referrers, will be (use your 5 P’s).

We hope you can join us for the next interactive Leadership breakfast.



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