Hypnotherapy for Lawyers

Hypnotherapy & NLP for Lawyers

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Hypnotherapy & NLP for Lawyers 

For lawyers who notice their worries, anxiousness, and self-doubt are creating cyclical weeks, and behaviours, that they can’t seem to change. Including procrastination, perfectionism, overthinking, avoiding action, being overly critical, self-doubt, panic, and more.

A 7-week programme, designed specifically to clear past trauma, anxious/depressive states, emotional triggers and limiting beliefs that are getting in your way of law and life. Removing unhelpful patterns and beliefs. Lessening unhelpful thoughts. The process can be done content-free, that is you can keep your experiences private, and it will be effective.

This programme includes:

  • In-depth consultation to gain a clear idea about the current situation, and your desired outcome from the program.
  • 6 x 65-minute online* sessions (typically 3-4 weeks apart) using cutting-edge techniques to help you manage worry, anxiety, and change responses
  • Powerful hypnosis track to aid sleep and positively reprogram your mind
  • Email or Voxer support between sessions (during working hours and within reasonable limits)




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