How Lululemon (a brand) Can Guide Our Client Service

How Lululemon (a brand) Can Guide Our Client Service


Want to add more to your client experience?

(And what has that to do with wanting to be like a yoga/fitness clothing store?)

Like you, at some point in your life, I was there, having that week.  Despite the big stuff, it was a jar of olives spilling in the fridge that almost sent me into a full ‘woe is me’ grump-a-thon. Sound familiar?

There I was, still a bit grumpy, when I saw a free yoga event being hosted by lululemon and decided to go, and all of these wonderful things happened…

  • There were lovely staff on the main street, to help us find our way to the hired venue (it was a bit hidden).
  • I was greeted with the warmest of welcomes. I genuinely felt they were pleased to see me. They didn’t know me.
  • I was given a handwritten tag with my name, for my yoga mat, making me feel even more welcome.
  • The space was beautifully lit (they had brought in their own lighting) and it was warm.
  • They asked me to select a teabag of my choice (with an inspirational message on the tag) for afterwards.

Before I even got to my mat I was feeling wonderful, cared for and valued. After the lovely class (which by the way also included chocolate)….

  • We opened our eyes to find a beautiful crystal at the bottom of our mats.
  • We were invited to take our pre-selected tea back to our mat.
  • They then came around with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Cookies!

Sigh. It was pure luxury.

lululemon always do something a little bit special. They run events at different locations, including their store, with varying themes, freshly made juices (and seem quite happy with all the washing up), intention trees, wish banners, and other lovely gestures. They could simply put on a free class and it would still be more than expected. However, they appear to want to do more.

Whilst attracting you into their store and selling is naturally their ultimate motive, it doesn’t feel like that. Their recruitment of staff, marketing, and whole approach, comes across as reflecting the lifestyle of their products. They want you to belong.

I didn’t feel like I was a commodity or an inconvenience (life would be so much easier without customers moments).

I felt special and valued, as a person. It also made me feel that if I did buy something in the future, I am buying into a wonderful community of like minded, positive, and warm people. It certainly made me want to talk about it.

lululemon in your firm

How about bringing lululemon into your firm? I invite you to think about an experience that gave you the ‘lululemon’ touch (or use this experience if it helps) and then consider how you can add a lulumen touch to your firm, including client events. Can you consider some other ways to connect? Or at events, consider new ways to add a personal touch?

The next step is to pick one or two for now. You can come back to that list time and time again, and do keep adding to it as ideas come to mind.

One tip. If your ideas include gifts or events. You will need to keep tweaking it. For example, if you have repeat clients and give them a bottle of wine every year, it eventually becomes expected and the norm. Then if you stop, they notice. Variety is best to keep it fresh and memorable, choose different ideas and at different times of the year.

lululemon in your life

How about creating some ‘lululemon’ experiences in your life?  You could start brainstorming experiences for adding special touches for you, and your wonderful life. Maybe flowers every month for yourself. What could it be for you, or your family?

And wherever you bring your ‘lululemon’ moment into your business, your relationships, and life. Enjoy.




About Simona Hamblet

Simona is a specialist coach & hypnotherapist, working with lawyers for the past six years helping them to create the firms & lives that they want. Simona also has over 20 years of experience as an employment solicitor & partner in a dual-office law firm (focusing on staff development & business growth).

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