Does taking time off cause you to worry?

Does taking time off cause you to worry?


Does taking time off from your law firm cause you to worry?

Do you find it difficult, or start to feel anxious, when taking time off? Which worry resonates the most with you?

1. Urgent (genuine) situations arise on matters and the firm does not have an adequate system to cover your work. Whether you take an afternoon off, or a two-week break (lack of adequate cover);

2. You often worry that somehow you’ve made a mistake. You are concerned that something will come up whilst out of the office, and that you will not be able to do anything to resolve it appropriately (lack of psychological safety);

3. Focusing on the money. If you take that time off, then you won’t be generating revenue, this worry may feel urgent or you are not entirely clear what enough could ever be (money mindset);

4. Not trusting others to complete the work. Be it fully, in a timely manner, or in a way that won’t impact your case or reputation negatively, this may or not be true (delegation or team challenges).

Which one has you worrying the most?

Usually, with clients, there is one that is the strongest. Sometimes two. We then work together to dissolve the hold that the worry has. Where needed, we also put into place practical steps, to make taking time out of the office that much easier.

If you need any help with this as we approach the festive season, do get in touch for a Quick Chat to see how I might help.



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