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 About Simona


Leadership & Lifestyle for Solicitors, Partners, & Firm Owners

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Simona is a mindset and behavioural leadership, career, life coach, and trainer for lawyers.

With a significant legal career spanning 20 years, as an employment law solicitor and partner, in a multi office law firm.  Latterly, focusing on people development, marketing, and business growth.

Simona also has experience as a firm owner, setting up new departments, and working with a range of senior professionals, providing coaching and training expertise.

Utilising psychology,  mindset,  emotional intelligence, and behavioural skills. Simona helps clients achieve their goals for their firms, careers, relationships, finances, and more. Moving from where they are, to where they want to be, quicker and easier.  For their firms, personal careers, and leading fuller and more powerful lives. Coming from new insights, approaches, skills, confidence, and strategic action.

What is coaching?

Think about a time you wanted to start something, perhaps exercising. But you struggled to make it happen, or stay consistent. How much of that was skill, and how much was it psychology or mindset? Did ‘time’ come as an ‘excuse’? Was it a fear of something. Confusion of something. Or uncertainty why or what was happening.

The same can be true in any area of our personal lives and business. Psychology can interfere with, or support us in, achieving whatever we want. Be it on a monthly basis in our businesses, to focus on what needs to happen to make it grow. Or to make changes in our approach to leadership, management, or relationships. Or to make changes to our personal lives, to feel good about them, successful, happy, or excited.

The work I do is with your psychology, to help you get clarity, insight, awareness, and opportunities for change. Whether that is for a particular goal, where we often work together for three to four months.  Or to give you monthly focus, on the next challenge you want to work on, to keep the momentum going. To keep up-levelling your life, your business, your careers.

Yes, coaching is similar to sports coaching or personal trainers, to keep you motivated, and keep you focused on what will make the biggest changes for you, with the best approach and skill. But coaching with me also helps you to get yourself started too, when you may have been holding back. Or to push yourself to the next level, when you find yourself resisting. Or going forward, then pulling back.

Simona works with solicitors, Partners, Associates, CEO’s, Heads of Department, & Law Firm Owners.

Looking to take their firms, billing, leadership, careers, lives, to the next level.

Coaching or Training with Simona

simona hamblet training mentor

Coaching, speaking, or leadership training events are based on various coaching techniques. This are in conjunction with psychological and behavioural expertise, alongside personal, life, and business experience.

I am here to help you create greater awareness of your choices, mindset, and any blind spots. This will support you with any change, or upgrading skills, finding new ways to motivate, generate new ideas,and take action.  Those that work with me want someone who is straight-talking, professional, and who knows the legal environment, to help you with support, as you shift, change and achieve sooner.

I believe the best way to understand the benefits is to try it. I therefore offer a short complimentary coaching session, for you to explore coaching, obtain initial insight, and start taking action.


Leadership coaching and life coaching is predominantly carried out online and as such is international. As a leadership and life coach I also offer premium packages, including visiting your chosen location. I am predominantly based out of Guildford, Surrey and London, alongside Portsmouth and Southampton in Hampshire.

Leadership training is available to be carried out around the UK and beyond under normal circumstances, however, currently has moved temporarily online.

Solicitors, firm-owners, and lawyers, who work with Simona enjoy:

  • Feeling more in control of their time and being able to protect their time more effectively
  • Carrying out more of the work they want to do to grow their career or business with greater ease
  • Being more confident in setting up and running a new firm, or stepping up into a new partnership role
  • Having a clearer vision and direction for their personal growth, firm, or career changes
  • Leading their departments and firms with greater confidence
  • Running meetings to generate higher calibre ideas
  • Increased billing with ease through understanding money, technology, time truths, and growth mindset
  • Feeling energised and motivated with work again
  • Gaining new strategies for dealing with conflict or challenging situations (with peers, others, managing upwards and downwards, or clients)
  • Feeling more confident with regulatory changes, taxes, and financial matters
  • Making personal and professional changes with greater ease
  • Having greater purpose, and an ability to prioritise, and focus on the important things at work and at home

One Life. Your Life. Live It. 

Life & Lifestyle coaching with individuals who want to lead powerful and purposeful lives.  Finding ways to slow down their days, prioritise the things that are important to them, create the internal and external changes they want, achieve their dreams, and truly live their lives with fewer regrets.

What life do you want for you?

Is it time for you to:

enjoy life more fully
enhance your relationships
have more adventures
feel more connected
know what you want
be in charge of your personal and professional life?


Is your life everything you want?


Are you and your business soaring?


Want peak performance in leaders?


Want to find out more?

Get in touch to find out more about coaching or training.



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