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 About Simona


Coaching & Training for Legal Professionals 

   solicitors, legal executives, partners, and law firm owners

Legal professionals who work with Simona enjoy:

  • Feeling more in control of their time and being able to protect their time more effectively
  • Carrying out more of the management and business development work needed to grow or maintain their firm with greater ease
  • Having dependable, proactive, and self-managing teams
  • Being more confident in setting up and running a new firm, or stepping up into a new partnership role
  • Quieten the inner critic and strengthen confidence in any areas that might be needed from time to time
  • Increased billing through saved time, alongside feeling more confident to charge clients
  • Feeling energised and motivated with work again
  • Gaining new strategies for dealing with conflict or challenging situations (with peers, others, managing upwards and downwards, or clients)
  • Creating more space and time to have fun!

Simona works with solicitors, legal executives, partners, associates, CEO’s, heads of department, & law firm owners.

make running your law firm easier to ensure it is profitable and a great place to work

You can find out more here about What is coaching? Or book a call to find out more.

Simona is a mindset, skills, behavioural coach, and hypnotherapist for lawyers.

With a previous legal career spanning 20 years, as an employment law solicitor and partner. Latterly, her focus was people development, marketing, and business growth.

Simona also has experience setting up new departments, and working with a range of senior lawyers, providing coaching and training expertise.

Utilising psychology, mindset, emotional intelligence, leadership, management and behavioural skills. Simona helps clients achieve their goals for their firms, careers, and personal lives. Moving from where they are, to where they want to be, quicker and easier.

Coaching or Training with Simona

Simona has a great deal of experience within law firms and working with lawyers. She has expertise as a coach, trainer, and hypnotherapist for legal professionals.

Simona Hamblet Coach for Lawyers

Coaching, speaking, or leadership training events take place online or in person. Whilst her work is international, Simona is primarily located based or around Guildford, London, and Portsmouth.

Simona works a no-pressure approach to initial conversations. The right person, at the right time, with the right coach. Scarcity tactics are no! If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch.

One Life. Your Life. Live It. 

Leadership & Lifestyle coaching for legal professionals who want to lead powerful and purposeful lives.  Have or work within thriving firms. Find ways to slow down their days, prioritise the things that are important to them, create the internal and external changes they want, achieve their dreams, and truly live their lives with fewer regrets.

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